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75th Aneversary

Healthy Practices


The college has a history of dynamic leadership. The current Principal is an acclaimed administrator His infectious enthusiasm c,t ned with the innovative ideas and cooperation from different faculties has initiated a process of through modernisation and computerisation of administration. We will soon introduce complete computerised data base of students' academic and attendance records.
From the last academic session guardians are being kept informed of their wards' records from time of time. Active interface meeting between guardians and faculty will enhance student performance. Teachers' performance record is being kept daily. The Classes held to classes allotted ratio is around 85-90% for last year.
The teaching days for the session :
2003 - 2004 : 162 against working days of 228
2004 - 2005 : 161 against working days of 241
2005 - 2006 : 166 against working days of 239
2006 - 2007: 179 against working days of 251
2007 - 2008 : 182 against working days of 265
2009 - 2010 : 196 against working days of 280

WHAT WE OFFER ........
Traditionally. the college has always had a scholarly faculty. It has a set of highly motivated teachers, many of whom are involved in active research and Post-Graduate teaching as guest lecturer sat various universities. Some faculty members have taken up advanced research projects in collaboration with other universities and reputed institutes. We have a high success rate and a large number of students who graduated from our college pursue further studies at various prestigious Universities in India and abroad. The number of classes taken by any department is satisfactory. There is a rare familiar relation between faculty and students, which allows students easy access to teachers. Academic difficulties are, therefore, easily sorted out. All the faculty members are providing academic counselling to this students through structured routine for which separate counselling cubicles have been made in the library & Teachers' room.