Our Bookbank

The knowledge hub of Ramsaday College,the Central Library ,came into existence with the birth of the institution in 1946 , itself. The College Library is one among the leading libraries of West Bengal. Presently it contains a rich collection of 27000 books, e- books, journals and dedicated reading rooms for students.The ever helpful library staff are ever ready with their wholehearted cooperation.

Knowledge Resource Center

1. The college library presently has more than 30,000 books.

2. The college subscribes to about 20 Journals & 5 Newspapers.

3. The college library remains open to members of the teaching staff and students from 10.00 a.m. to 4-30 p.m. from Monday to Friday; 10.00 a.m. to 1-30 p.m. on Saturday.

4. Reading : Students are allowed to use reading room for reading purposes on submission of their reading cards.

5. Borrowing : Each student is provided with a Lending Card for borrowing books. Books can be borrowed for a period of 7 days. Delay fine 0.50 p. per day.

6. Disregard of library rules, indiscipline and misbehaviour will render students liable to be denied access to the library.

7. The college Library offers to both the present and ex-students to use the reading room facility for their preparation in different competitive examinations of State & National level.

8. The college has Departmental Libraries to cater to the needs of students.