Admission Criteria

Admission Criteria for UG Courses, Ramsaday College

Honours / General

The admission sub-committee formulates rules for admission following the guidelines of the University of Calcutta. The admission of the S.C/S.T. candidates is regulated by Government norms. Special consideration in admission may be made to those students having outstanding performance in games and sports.

Admission Rules:

1) The candidate must passed H.S. or equivalent (having English of 100 marks) examination for Admission to 3 year degree course.

2) A) Eligibility critaria for Hons. :
    i) 55% in subject or related subjects.
    ii) Aggregate 50% and 45% in subjects or related subjects are to be secured.
        [ Aggregate means total of best 4 subjects ]
    iii) 50% in best-4 if subject or related subjects was not taught in the last exam.

    B) S.C./S.T.
     Either 40% in best-4 or 40% in subject or related subjects.

3) SC/ST candidates should obtained minimum 75% marks og general candidates admitted last.

4) Reservations : For SC - 22%, ST - 6% and PH - 3%.

5) Vocational candidates are allowed to persue general courses of studies only.

6) No candidate will be allowed to admission after a lapse of more than 3 years from previous qualifying examinations.


Students coming from states outside West Bengal, if admitted, must produce a Migration Certificate within One Month of admission. University of Calcutta has issued a circular regarding migration [No. R/103/Circular (2007) dt. 22.05.2007] and this will be effective from the academic session 2007-08.

Note : Aggregate means total of best-4 subjects excluding ENVS.

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