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Notice Board

  1.  Article Invitation:- We welcome scholarly article to publish in the upcoming issue of our multidisciplinary peer-reviewed academic journal Budhil (ISSN: 2456-4109) (ALL)Click here to downloadDate :: 2020-12-08

  2.  Youtube Link of One day National Webinar onNational Education Policy-2020 : Challenges & Opportunities (ALL)Date :: 2020-09-07

  3.  Report on e-SSAY organized by Dept. Mathematics and IQAC, RSC (ALL)Click here to downloadDate :: 2020-09-03

  4.  One day National Webinar onNational Education Policy-2020 : Challenges & Opportunities
Google Form Link (ALL)
Click here to downloadDate :: 2020-09-02

5.  "e-SSAY" (e Students Say) :: An Online Based Essay Writing Compitition on COVID-19 and its Impact from an Indian Perspective (ALL)Click here to downloadDate :: 2020-07-07

6.   An International Webinar on Corona Virus :: Living with the Pandemic - Managing mind, body and life style
YouTube link:
Live program will be telecast on 4th July 6PM onward (ALL)
Click here to downloadDate :: 2020-06-30

7.  Online Quiz Competition on Pandemic Outbreak-2020 :: Jointly organized by Department of Education & Department of Library In association with IQAC
Direct link : (ALL)
Click here to downloadDate :: 2020-06-19

8.  Swami Vivekananda Series of Reflective Discourses for Making India Self-Reliant: 25 -29 May, 2020 th th Indian Education in Post-COVID Era.
Here is the Registration Link: (ALL)
Click here to downloadDate :: 2020-05-20


10.  SWAYAM-NPTEL MOOCs Awareness Workshop on Monday January 27,2020 (ALL)Click here to downloadDate :: 2020-01-20

11.  Two Day National Conference in Surendra Nath College on Science and Technology :: Rural Development (ALL)Click here to downloadDate :: 2020-01-17

12.  NOTICE FOR WALK IN INTERVIEW OF (GROUP D) NON-TEACHING POSTS (ALL)Click here to downloadDate :: 2020-01-17

13.  Call for Paper For International Conference in Bijoy Krishna Girls College on Human Rights :: context and concern (ALL)Click here to downloadDate :: 2020-01-16

14.  Quotation in sealed cover is invited for partial remodeling of existing sports infrastructure at Ramsaday College complex (ALL)Click here to downloadDate :: 2019-12-15

15.  Surendranath College invites you to A Discussion on new education policy-2019 (ALL)Click here to downloadDate :: 2019-12-06

16.  Call Letter For Group C (ALL)Click here to downloadDate :: 2019-12-02

17.   Call for Paper for our multidisciplinary peer-reviewed academic journal Budhil - 2019 (ALL)Click here to downloadDate :: 2019-11-13

18.  SWAYAM_course_on_Chemistry - MHRD has launched Annual Refresher Programme for Faculty of Chemistry titled “Online Refresher Course in Chemistry for Higher Education Faculty- 2019” (ALL)Click here to downloadDate :: 2019-10-22

19.  Quotations (Both hard and soft copies) are invited for procurement and installation of facility items, laboratory equipments, Computers and furnitures at Ramsaday College, Howrah (ALL)Click here to downloadDate :: 2019-07-07

20.  Call for Paper for our multidisciplinary peer-reviewed academic journal Budhil (ALL)Click here to downloadDate :: 2018-09-08