Other Facilities

Congenial Environment

The lush green environment of the college gives all the stakeholders a fresh feeling. The cool breeze blowing over natural waterbodies create a healthy and congenial atmosphere for imparting of knowledge by the experienced and dedicated members of the college faculty.The expansive college ground, the airy rooms, the learning equipments, all contribute to an all- round growth of the young minds, entering the arena of a college, that has a glorious tradition of 77 years of service to the nation, junior to it, by a year.


The college office is fully computerised. Student personal data including their result is stored in the college database. The account section is also computerised and takes care of students fee collection, daily accounts, maintaining cash book etc. These all are handled by specific software packages.


The college provides well equipped computerised laboratories for the department of chemistry, physics, geography, mathematics, zoology, botany, anthrolopogy, food & nutrition, physiology, computer science and commerce.

Seminar Hall

The college has well decorated large seminar hall with about 200 seating capacity and equipped with all modern amenities. The seminar hall facilitates the students and teachers to hold seminars and other group activities without disruption of normal classes.

Girls' Hostel

Construction of girls' hostel at Mandaria campus has been completed. UGC has provided financial support for this construction under XI th plan scheme. 16 girls in different UG and PG courses of this college will be provided hostel accommodation at modarate rent.

Academic Counselling

Faculty members are also availiable to students for consultation and advice on academic problems. This offer remains open for part-I, part-II and part-III examinees after the test examination is over.


Equipped with fitness and gym-equipments for students from 1.30 to 4.30 p.m. (monday to friday) and 12 to 2 p.m. (saturday).

Remedial Coaching

College provides special coaching to the weak students in a structured routine.

Earn while you learn

Needy students have the opportunity to earn under this scheme during their leisure period to meet their need for study.