NAAC Committee

It is a matter of great pleasure that this college has been assessed and reaccredited with the grade 'B' by NAAC, and has been declared as having the possibilities of becoming one of the best rural colleges in West Bengal, However, no scope of complacency is there. In fact this accreditation is a constant reminder that a lot still remains to be achieved.

Steering Committee for NAAC



Dr. Deb Kumar Mukherjee

Principal & Secretary, G.B.



Padmasana Chattopadhyay

Department of English



Other Members



Dr. Chandreyee Sengupta


Dr. Nababrata Ghoshal

IQAC coordinator

Sri Subrata Roychowdhury

Bursar, department of Mathematics

Dr. Ramesh Chandra Sahoo

Department of Political Science

Dr. Sudipa Upadhaya

Department of Physics

Sri Arup Dhara


Sri Rati Kanta Dalui


Sri Sunil Kumar Rakshit

President, Alumni Association

Sri Ruhul Amin Khan

Secretary, Alumni Association